F Cube is a multimedia company that deals with graphic design, web design, audio & video editing.


Will you start a company, or do you want to upgrade your style? We offer a wide range of possibilities to give your company a professional look. Whether is comes to presenting your business card, website, writing/invoice paper or to decorate your office (frontage, murals, etc.) or promoting your product with a video. F Cube works in close collaboration to fullfill all your whishes.







Graphic design is all around us. We would like to help you with what you need. Whether it is about a company who wants a logo, business card, website or a restaurant owner who likes to update his menu card. You name it, we make it!


We made all kinds of different graphical products and are always open to new experiences.


We also work with an artist (Hans van Odijk) which is specialized in portraits (using pencils or special markers) and murals (using paint).


Some of our assignments: advertising leaflets/flyers/posters, logo's, business cards, letterhead, envelop design, DVD covers, DVD imprint, invitation cards, mobile applications 'apps'.


Check out some designs below (click on image to enlarge).


Other designs




Flyer (A6 format)


Flyer (A6 format)


Flyer (A6 format)


Folder (Z design; A4 format)


Scientific poster (A0 format)


Wedding invitation


DVD cover


DVD cover





F Cube also provides websites that meet the standards of today. Nowadays people often use smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet. Because these screens are significantly smaller than a computer monitor, websites are now designed with a new technology that adapt to the screen size of the user, this is called 'responsive design'. The size of the screen will no longer affect the readability of the website; the user will always have a pleasant reading experience.


Before designing the website, we offer the freedom to select the right package where your website will run on (e.g. space, mailbox, etc.). We will do this in good consultation with you.




Examples of different websites


Click on the image to go to the website


Vinci Focus (responsive design)

vinci focus website


JF International Trade (responsive design)

jf international trade website


Flokstra & Gerards Advocaten (responsive design)

fgadvocaten website





Through the years, Florian Flokstra gained quite some experience in audio editing. He created for example entire soundtracks for dance theater Dance-X-Pression (such as music mixing, adding special effects, etc.). Besides this he also mixes music pieces for various dance schools including Dance Masters Kolmschot.


With this experience in his pocket, he would be happy to assist you with whatever has to do with sound.





F Cube offers the possibility to make various types of video's. To lift this to a professional level we do this in coorporation with RubiesVision. RubiesVision is led by a woman who gained lots of experience working at different broadcast stations.


Think about a video for promoting your product, a company video for your staff or an instruction video for sophisticated equipment. But you can also contact us for digitalizing all your old video material to make a nice home video, or a wedding video for example.


Several video productions


Promotional video of the master study "Nanotechnology" at the University of Twente


Promotional video of the bachelor study "Advanced Technology" at the University of Twente


Promotional, corporate video of a German flower wholesale





Contact information

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Office The Netherlands

Florian Flokstra
Andoorn 106
7577 AZ, Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

Telephone: 0031622780635
Email: florianflokstra@fcube.nl
Skype: florianflokstra

F Cube was founded by Florian Flokstra.

Florian studied "Art & Technology" and "Media Engineering" at the HBO in Enschede, The Netherlands. He gained experiences in various areas. Graphic design, web design, audio/video editing were the main components of the studies.

Over the years he did all kinds of graphical designs, was mixing and composing music as a true hobbyist.
He had a nice internship at SBS Productions (this is a famous dutch broadcast station). He was editing for well-known television shows ("Hart van Nederland" and "Shownieuws").

After helping start a video production company, were he made several promotional videos, it was time to start his own business that connects all his interests.

After some preparation F Cube arose. This name stands for the initials of Florian's full name, all his three names starts with the letter 'F'. The 'Cube' part stands for the matematical expression 'to the third power', resulting in F.F.F = F3 = F Cube.